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Tractor Farm and Family

Sunday Sunday

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Dean and I met at our meeting restaurant, DST Sunday morning.  I don’t know why the time switch effects me so much as I am normally out of bed by 3:00 AM any day. But maybe because of my age never have like the effects on my internal clock it has mentally.

After a breakfast and several gallons for coffee we hit the road to a sheep farm about a hour and a half away. Arrive Just as it gets light enough you can see the nose on your face. Trucks temp read out says 12F, so glad I put on my medium weight long johns. Climb out of the truck and start putting our camo on as the farmer comes out the door. He said he would be a minute and would be around to give us a lift part way back . We say no thanks as we have our packs, rifles and such and the cab of a MF 1105 is not all that big.

One thing the snow has melted down to just a couple inches deep in some spots but mostly frozen mud. I’m happy as I still have not found the pattern for my ski binding, Knew I should have copied it to a flash drive.

Work our way back to a finger field surrounded by woods. Nice stone pile not far from the edge of the field, presume some time in the past there was a stone there that could not be moved with the equipment of the day so a stone pile formed there. We set the decoys out on either side  Decide we would go with one caller and use the distressed piglet sound. Saturday was over cast all day and not overly warm but today by the time we were set in place the sun was just starting to peek over the tree line.

The call had only been going a short time when 5 deer come out of the woods to our left and walk single file  along the fence to our front to a bald hill top to browse on the grass. The callers sound has them uneasy how ever as they kept looking at the decoy set not far from the caller. They do not stay long and enter the woods near by.
After a half hour of calling we had seen nothing but deer so wait a bit and pack up to go.

Back at the truck the farmer has just put the tractor away after seting out a round bale for the sheep. Tells us he has not heard a coyote in close to a month, laughs and says we have did a good job cleaning them out of the area. We tell him to not be holding his breath as the coyotes will be back and maybe soon, just the way they are now here in lower Michigan.
 Say our good byes and leave.

Drive about 10 miles where we hit a beef farm and have got a lot of coyotes. Is the first farmer who called asking us to do some thing about the bold coyotes that had been getting in the feed bunks eating grain. Sun is up now, we could feel it starting to warm up still glad we had long johns on as the truck read out still was not to 20F yet.  We walk back to a fence line with a rise where we can set up across from a slough full of multa flora rose. Decided to go with two callers and clip turkey feathers to the decoy so it looks bigger. Go with the cat sound in one caller to start after Dean has a happy coyote family sound going.

At 5 minutes nothing has shown and the cats disagreeing kicks in, that did the trick as a coyote comes tearing out of that slough bee lining for the decoy. Is Deans zone so I am waiting for him to fire and when he does it still made me jump. In case you wondered we do wear those foam ear plugs, light to carry and work well. Wait a bit to see if any others show, nothing does.
It is a big old tooth worn male shows signs of mange so it gets drug over to the fence and pushed under to feed other critters.

We hit two other farms with no luck be fore we decided to go grab some lunch. The plan was to make a day of it. Tempture had climbed to 31F sun shining bright and snow slushy.


:D             Al

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