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One of the forum members on Bee Source who goes by SNL offered the Pro Vap 110 vaporizer with a $50 discount back during the Thanksgiving Black Friday sales everyone was offering.  That prompted me to buy one. 


I have not had the weather to try it out yet but I want to treat my bees for varroa mites before their Spring build up.  I purchased a Honda EU2000 Inverter generator to power the vaporizer.  I also installed an hour meter/tachometer on the generator if anyone is interested in how I did this, post a question and I can go over that.  I also installed a magnetic dip stick and oil change extension funnel kit as well.  

I have been reading up on and following Ian Steppler of Steppler Honey Farm who also uses this vaporizer.  He modified his by wrapping oxalic acid vaporizer bowl with heat resistant wrap.  I modified mine with exhaust header wrap (looks like the same) but folded the 2 inch wrap in half so I could wrap the top and bottom of the bowl.  The middle of the bowl is obstructed by the power wire.  

In cold weather the re-heat times for this vaporizer can be significantly shortened by insulating the vaporizer cup.  I am looking forward to putting this vaporizer to work.  Compared to the Varrox vaporizers I have been using in the past, this vaporizer will increase my productivity exponentially.  I can treat my entire apiary with the ProVap 110 in a single day vs. 3 to 4 days using 4 Varrox vaporizers.  The work good but are just too slow to heat up.  



ProVap 110  5.jpg

ProVap 110 2.jpg

ProVap 110 3.jpg

ProVap 110 4.jpg

ProVap 110.jpg

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