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Evalulating the 2017 fire arm deer season

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Evalulating the 2017 fire arm deer season today as I walk the dogs in the woods.
Very few deer seen at the beginning of the season. I credit that to the standing corn on 3 sides on my place. the corn was not taken off till day before and day after thanks giving. deer sightings after that according to my journal picked up. But then temptures dropped and wind chills increased greatly. I believe the deer just laid up till after darkl when most days the wind dropped way down.
My journal indicates sightings dropped on windy days.

So I am trying to formulate a plan to work around some of ther problems. I am wondering if food plots with some really good green forage will pull the deer out of the corn fields possiably in the day time. 
Making mineral licks for them also.  Think I will fertilize a bunch of Oak trees that normally do good Acorn drops

Not much I can do about the wind, rain or snow.

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TFF Admin

For some reason, I didn't see many deer around our area once the hunting season opened.  Maybe the deer are catching on. :ph34r:  During the Spring I was seeing a LOT of deer.  Mostly does with their fawns.  We had corn on our farms this season too.  Not sure if that had anything to do with it or not.  Most of the guys hunting our farms all said they had very successful hunts.  8 point bucks and up were not uncommon.  

Not sure what we will plant this Spring,  IF we plant, it will likely be soy beans but I am not exactly pleased with the person farming our place and I may do something different if they don't get their act together.  

We will definitely be planting many food plots that will be wildlife and honey bee friendly this Spring.  Since we expanded our beekeeping operation, our bees have not made any surplus honey in 2 years.  We put a LOT into planting a myriad of of honey bee and wildlife friendly plants, flowere, shrubs, and trees last season.  I have about 1,500 lbs. of various seed awaiting Spring temperatures beyond the frosts to plant and will be planting a LOT more trees and shrubs.  We plant 20 Vitex bushes last season and they did very well and bloomed that Summer and put on a lot of mass.  I am looking forward to this Spring to observe what we planted last season does.  

Up until this Saturday morning, the temperatures were in the low 70's at 2 am.  UNBELIEVABLE!!!  Then came about 5 inches of rain and highs in the low 40's.  I think the warm temperatures had a negative impact on the deer movement and foraging.  With the warmer temps, they don't need to eat near as much and as you observed, layed up a lot.  


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