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Dec 17th ended our 17 day Muzzle loader season. It has tough year/season, temptures a week before the start plummeted to below normal by 15 to 20 degrees and the wind, wind chills were single digit most every day.

Opening day I saw a spike running after a doe at 98 yards across a pond. and not another legal buck till last morning. It had warmed up to just 2 degrees below normal yesterday morning.

So I go out to the blind where I started the fire arm season. About 7:15 I see a deer by a big oak tree along the creek where there is a ditch from years ago when they dredged the creek and piled the dirt. The ditch catches the acorns in piles and that deer was eating them, a button buck. I thought it was fitting I seen my first deer of the fire arm season in that spot and it was a button buck. What is the chances it was the same one?

Along about 7:30 AM I see two more baldies coming and go down the hill in that same area the button buck had just left. There is a 3d deer hanging back but I can’t see what it is because of the trees and brush. Finally I see it and it is out there a ways and nice buck, range finder said 109 yards. I just do not have the confidence with my muzzle loader to shoot that far thru brush and stuff so rather than take the shot I decide to wait he was with two does so surely he will follow them. Those does got by the creek and walked 33 yards from me and went up to the house so Kare could see them and ate some acorns there and finally laid down. Kare also told me there were 6 more does there too and 2 of those were laying down.

So finally that buck works it’s way to some bigger trees and all I can see is butt, still 105 yards out, then it walks away from me and I can’t see it any longer. Then it is back in sight but now 128 yards out. Finally I saw him walk to the back and jump the fence to a property I don’t have permission to hunt.

So in the next year I am going to be shooting the snot out of my Muzzle loaders, gain the comfidence I lacked this morning to thread a bullet thru brush and trees and make a clean kill.

I do have a recipe for tag soup to make.

:D      Al

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TFF Admin

I am not a muzzle loader participant although I almost bought a Savage  10MLBSS Accu Trigger Rifle muzzle loader.  Then Savage stopped making them and the prices of these muzzle loader sky rocketed.  Wish I would have bought one now. 

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