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Never seen deer act this way.

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Boy Wednesday night was some kind of night, Kare woke me from my nap in the recliner about 9:30 PM said sounded like a couple coons fighting in the front yard. I grab the Ruger with the mag lite attached and went out looking. Didn't see any but the neighbors were out in the horse pasture with flash lights doing something. Then they were calling their dog, and then I heard coons in the field that is between them and us.

Went in and went to bed. Got up to a wild storm with thunder so loud it shook the house.  Kare had left a note on the counter she had shut the dogs in and I could let them back out when it was lite. Hum wonder why she shut them in, maybe she saw the 11:00 weather and it looked bad and didn't want them out.

I took the recyclables out at 6:30 then went and let the dogs out. When Kare got up she said the coyotes were in the field next door after I had gone to bed.

Now I wonder if they came to the sounds of the coons I had heard next door.

Decided I would go back and see about calling some up in the evening. Deer flies and mosquitos were bad when I took the dogs for a walk at 6:30 PM so I just wore my mosquito Jacket over a T shirt it was so hot and muggy any way.  Walk back in the woods and set the caller out in what I felt was going to be the best spot for me to see anything with the leaves on and grasses growing rather well any place sun lite can reach the ground. I decided not to do a decoy for this quick run and gun trip a quickie if you wish to call it.

Of course I had thought about the coons fighting in the front yard and in the field next door during the night Wednesday so I chose coon family squabble sound and set it going. Wasn’t long and a pair of deer show up from the corn field next door and they were interested in the coons squabbling. Would start working to the caller and get about 25 yards from it when I changed the sound to a coyote howl. They didn’t care for that sound at all and ran off down the hill and I thought across the creek.  Back to the coons sound a bit louder for about 5 minutes and here came those deer back up the hill working around to the caller again. Again lower the volume and let the coyote howl sound go, this time the deer just backed off didn’t run and went to the fence behind me and stood.

As soon as I went back to the coon sound they started circling back toward the caller, there was a brushy patch and I lost sight of them at the 18 minute mark. Shut the caller off and waited till the 35 minute mark, never did see those deer again went and retrieved the caller and headed to the house.  At the house I tell Kare about the deer and she said about 10 minutes before I got to the house 2 scared deer came running down the path along the creek stopped and looked back then took off running again.


:D  Al

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