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3-22-17 is good to be back.

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Eric came and picked me up at 7:15 AM, just a few more days of being his partner unless the next Sunday draw has the same results. We decided to hit the place just down the road from me as we haven’t been there in a while. We arrive just after day break has brightened the sky’s, Walk out to the lane where we set up the last time decided that was probably the best spot since we had a good stiff 10MPH wind from the north. It was also cold after a few days of it being in the mid 40’s to mid 50F range. My weather station said 19F with a 7F wind chill just before we left. There was a slight frozen crust on the ground but the weasel ball went in OK. We decided to go with just a single caller and a female mating call sound to start.

It sure feels good to be back out hunting again after so much stress and what not.
Sand hill cranes are raising a ruckus in the next field over we believe, chickadees are flirting about and singing their happy songs too.

About 10 minutes in the call I see a coyote peek out of some grass on the field edge in Eric’s quadrant and motion to him. He shakes his head he sees it about 175 yards but lets it work a bit closer. Finally Eric fires at about 100 yards I jump as I had not expected it at that time; I thought he was going to wait till close to 50 yards. We wait for a bit longer but nothing else showed its fur.

While Eric goes to retrieve his coyote I gather up the caller and the decoy then meet Eric in the lane. Nice fur still on the male coyote. I expect that to change soon though. Will watch my dogs to see when they start shedding. We will still hunt coyotes even when the fur is worth less as it is something we like to do so much and a lot of the farmers expect us to keep the coyotes at bay on their property.

We put the coyote in the Suv with Eric saying what he always says; I need to make a closed box for the receiver so the coyotes are not inside. Guess I will just make him one since I am depending on those guys for transport to hunting spots. Yes I have my CJ jeep and have been looking for the keys for a week almost and can’t find them, only one door lock key. I even went thru my daughter’s wad of keys when she was home for the funeral, only found the keys to the UP deer camp cabin.

We decided the next place is about 30 miles away and head there with the sun to our backs. The sun is really bright but Eric’s temp thingy says only 20F and the wind is still blowing. We get to the Tempe farm just in time to say hello as dad and oldest son come out of the milk house with a hearty hello and boy sure is nippy this morning. They tell us they have been hearing coyotes over near the state game area boundary the last few evenings. We head out that ways till we get to a rise in a old chopped corn stubble field with a stone pile we have used as a set up area before. We decide on two decoys and two calls since the coyotes will need to come out and cross some open fields to get within our self imposed distance.

Again we start with the female in heat sound for a bit then at about 5 minutes we throw in the happy group songs of a coyote pack. That did the trick as about 5 minutes a pair of coyotes show themselves at I guesstomate 400 yards easy for the 220 swift but today because of the wind I have the 243 and I don’t care to for much over 300 yards and really like the range to be even less. I wait for them to trot closer and see Eric out the corner of my eye pointing to a coyote in his field of fire about 200yds out. I motion OK go for it, I’m set, get the tail end coyote in my scope and fire as Eric does. Second coyote in my area is dumb founded and is still trotting to the decoy as I rack a second round in watching where the brass lands. Set the cross hairs on the second coyote just as it realizes its mate is missing starts turning just as I squeeze off the second shot. I see hair come off its side but it is now starting to run but a shot from Eric puts it down.

Not sure Tom will buy that hide and I opened up a good 3 inches on its side causing the hair to fly. And cut a nice gash in the hide requiring too much sewing to close up neatly. I tell Eric I will drag the two out to the tract we can drive down without making ruts. They have it pretty packed down with the tractor and sprayer honey wagon.

We get the coyotes loaded and decide to stop for a mid morning snack at a small family restaurant nearby. Then we will go drop the coyotes off at Eric’s and head out to a couple places near his home. Rest of the day was kind of uneventful. Figure the coyotes had got comfortable laying some place in the sun, after nothing at 4 different places we decide to return to Eric’s and skin out what we have. Then have Eric take me home.

Think I am going to see if the jeep dealer will cut me a key off the Vin number.

:D   Al


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TFF Admin

A VERY successful hunt!  Congratulations on such good results!  The coyotes are plentiful around these parts.  My neighbor across the creek has a son who is big into coyote hunting and is having some similar results.  I offered him out place if he wants it.  

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