Lawn mowing saftey.

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Setting here this morning listening to the local news with one ear and working on my lap top a story got my attention . 17,000 children are maimed or killed each year in what is called lawn mowing accidents. Most if you take a real good look are not accidents at all just plain not paying attention. Many were of children chasseing the mower around the yard and the operator didn't know they were behind them when they backed up and over the child. Remember older mowers did not shut down the blades when backing. Another biggy is of children riding on the mower with mom, dad or grandpa and falling off and a leg/arm going under the deck. the third one is the mower picking up some thing now seen in the lawn and throwing it hitting a child playing in the yard.

When my children were home they were not allowed in the yard I was mowing. If I was mowing the front they could be in the back and vise versa. 


I mow a few lawns commercially, I stress to the owners their children can not be out side while I am mowing. I will not come knocking on the door to remind you of this rule if one comes out. I will just stop mowing and pack up and leave. I do not mow with children present period nor do I pick up toys and such from the lawn read the contract.


:D  Al


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Like my previous lawn mower had the reverse lock out of the engine so if the blade where engaged you could not back up at all if you did the engine shut down. That was the first function I disable on a lawn mower because of enhanced belt wear of constantly engaging and disengaging the blades to back up and pull forwards.

As for my new Raptor lawn mower the blade are engage either forward or backwards on a zero turn chassis.

As for children I would never allow then to be around the lawn mower either. I've seen rocks pitched several feet into the air and I've broken 2 windows here. One time I managed to pitch a rock through the garage door window and then blow out the florescent lights on the ceiling.

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In spite of Fedzilla's attempts to regulate stupidity and control is an impossible task.  Einstien was INDEED correct. 


Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former


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