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I had a PT appointment in a couple hours so Kare and I made sandwiches for dinner (lunch to city slickers.). Walk to the dinning room table, Kare says there is a doe down by the rain gauge. I walk closer to the window and say ya and she has her baby with her. The doe gets even with the window and looks up as if to say I brought my baby for you to see and laid down.
Baby is full of vinegar and keeps running back and forth and stops to grab a quick meal then is back at it. About an hour later mom gets up and looks at us as if to say she was leaving and did crossing the front lawn to go into the pines.









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Great photography Al!  Moma deer looks like she feels right at home.  What are the flowers blooming in the background? Beautiful!  :happy34:

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I talk to the deer all the time and all have the name Mama. I and the pup can get with in about 10 feet of them when we are out, probably could pet them if I worked at it.


The flowers are Phlox,

Phlox paniculata -- garden, tall, or border phlox -- grows 3 to 4 feet tall and bears large trusses of fragrant perennial flowers from summer to early fall. It's an old-fashioned favorite that has few rivals for its color display and light, sweet fragrance.


Normally the grass would be down but I have to use the trimmer since the creek bank is steep and with my new knee it isn't some thing I can do as of yet. Flat areas only.


:D  Al

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