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Bad Boy Zero Turn Diesel AOS 7200/6100

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Been thinking about a diesel powered zero turn mower. I have been window shopping, asking question, and looking around. So far, it seems like Bad Boy offers the best bang for the buck in my area.

Here are the 3 models I am considering:


Compact Diesel

The Outlaw XP (I can do without the rear deck spoiler :rolleyes10: )

The Outlaw XP does not come with a diesel option but offers a choice between the Vanguard Big Block 992cc 36 hp V-twin and the Kawasaki 852cc 31 hp V-Twin.

I am keeping an eye out for used, low hour models locally. Not in a big hurry for one since the grass cutting season is almost over but still looking.

Has anyone looked at these or better yet, had any experience with them? :confused2:

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Grasshopper and EX-Mark are the two top of the line zero turns, both very spendy but when it comes to all out quality one can't always look for bang for the buck.

Almost every commercial mowing company and municipality use EX-mark in our area, next in line would be Grasshopper which is the first choice around here for large yard owners and farms due to being a bit less expensive than EX-mark.

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I have been talking with my local Bad Boy dealer and he tells me that he is getting in a Bad Boy 28 hp Compact Diesel 60 inch zero turn mower

sometime in the next week or so and will call me when he gets it in so I can come out and demo the mower. Kewl!!! :happy34:

I reserve the option to change my mind but I am pretty much sold and committed to the Bad Boy AOS 7200 35 hp Diesel zero turn mower.

I looked at Dixie Chopper, Kubota, John Deere, Grasshopper, Bob Cat, Scag, Hustler, Ex Mark, Great Dane, Cub Cadet, and others. The Grasshopper 930D definitely got my attention but the price was much more than I was considering and I am not sure a front mower would be best option in my case. A VERY nice machine none the less.

When I compared materials, features, simplicity of maintenance, operator friendliness, and price, I kept coming back to Bad Boy.

I will follow up with some pics when and if I get a chance to demo the Bad Boy 28 hp Compact Diesel.

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I finally narrowed down my choices. I have concerns about gas powered engines and the every worsening ethanol mix gasoline in the future. This could cause SERIOUS problems especially with fuel injected gas engines in the already is now.

Gas engines burn almost twice as much fuel as diesel and typically have a service life of around 1,500 to 2,500 hours. I realize there are exceptions but a good quality diesel engine can go for over 10,000 hours if properly maintained. The final kicker is that diesel engines have MUCH more torque than a similar horsepower gas engine. The Caterpillar 1.6 liter diesel on the Bad Boy AOS 7200/6100 develops 94 ft./lbs. of torque vs. the Bad Boy Outlaw XP with the Briggs Big Block engine's 56 ft./lbs. of torque.

The one issue that comes up with the diesel engines over 30 hp. is EPA Tier 2 emission requirements. The Caterpillar 1.6 liter engine does NOT meet these requirements, therefore the EPA limits Bad Boy to an annual sales limit of 90 units nationwide. :shocked3::rolleyes: If you want one of the 35 hp. diesel Bad Boy mowers you must order it WELL ahead of time and be one of the first 90 to get your order in.

More to follow when it comes in and I get it home.

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