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Murray Murray

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Old 07-03-2010, 11:54 AM
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Murray 22" Model 22261X92 push mower pull starter assembly shot

I have an old Murray 22" Model 22261X92 push mower with a Briggs & Straton 3.5 HP Quantum Model 100708 Type 3112 Code 88021805.

It has the retractable pull rope type starter assembly which is apparently a weak point. Especially when, the "operator" does not have a concept of the rope having a limited amount of pull length!

The rope no longer recoils back into the starter assembly and just lays there fully extended. I tried removing the starter assembly and disassembled it. The recoil spring was not apparently broken so I reassembled the starter assembly and the rope would recoil properly. I got about 3 pulls and the starter assembly springs let go again. It was time for a new recoil starter assembly.

I looked around on the internet and found a few websites that sell the starter assembly which is Briggs & Stratton part# 490647.

At first the cheapest one I could find was a little over $52 and it went up from there! I bought the mower used many years ago for $35. I bought another new mower in the mean time but did manage to find a pull starter assembly on eBay for $26 plus shipping.

The install was pretty straight forward. I loosened the screw on the top cowling of the mower and gained access to a 7/16 inch bolt on the left side of the engine block that holds the starter assembly in place.

The broken starter assembly came right out and the new one went in with no problem. There is an arrow on the side of the starter assembly that should be pointed to the rear at the "3 o'clock" position and then the 7/16 inch bolt is tightened to hold it in place.

NOTE: be VERY careful and gentle about tightening this bolt as the engine block and bolt mount are aluminum and will strip out very easily. Just gently snug the bolt to maybe 1/4 wrench arc after the bolt has made solid contact with the bottom of the threads.

I untied the slip knot in the pull cord and routed it through the mower cowling and tied the pull handle on. Reassembled the mower upper cowling and the job was all done and she ran like a top. ............That is until recently, a well intentioned "helper" decided to try and start the mower not understanding how to start it and apparently no concept of limited pull rope length.

Yes, the recoil spring is shot yet AGAIN!

This time, it cost me $30 plus shipping for the pull start assembly but my trash can mower is running like a top again.

On the off chance that anyone else has had this problem, here is where I purchased my pull starter assembly.
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3.5 hp, 490647, briggs & straton, lawn mower, model 22261x92, murray 22", part#, push mower, quantum model 100708, rewind starter assembly, type 3112 code 88021805

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