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  2. New Hobby for Me

    Long time no post. Thought it would be nice to see how the group is doing. Here is a pic of my '52 Chev that I picked up in March this year. Still a work in progress. Has a '56 235 with the original Semi-Automatic Powerglide. Looking to drop the front a couple inches and just have fun cruisin around. Jeff
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  4. New L 3301 & loader.

    Replaced that pencle box Kubota calls a tool box. I made some brackets to hold the new bigger tool box in place and support it, two when inside to give the bolts support. Didn't want the bolts to pull thru the plastic of the box. Also the underneith support brackets were made longer deliberty so I could add hooks to them. Those hooks are handy to hang rhe 3 PT draw bar on when not used and in the way. Also found the other day when I had the bucket full of fire wood is a good place to hang the chain saws. Next up is chain saw scabbards I will mount some place, possibly on the ROPS some place. Found I need some more weight when the bucket is full of fire wood. Found a cast wheel center from a Massey Harris 44 about 350 pounds worked well hanging off the 3 PT draw bar. I do need to adjust the mount bolt how ever. Al
  5. New L 3301 & loader.

    Not in my butt. Al
  6. New L 3301 & loader.

    That seat safety switch can be a real pain in the butt sometimes.
  7. New L 3301 & loader.

    Made some mods to it, first and formost was the seat saftey switch. What saftey switch? Made more but do not have the time right now. Al
  8. New L 3301 & loader.

    Nice looking machine Al! VERY wise choice steering away from the New Holland Boomer tractors. In years past, I have read too many stories about this line of tractors breaking in half under certain circumstances. It could have been due to abuse by the owner. I know a friend who's son broke his John Deere compact tractor in half abusing it driving fence posts. Anything can be broken if abused enough. Perhaps New Holland has addressed and fixed this issue by now. I know EXACTLY what you mean about the prices of tractors. I was recently looking for a larger tractor and walked away with sticker shock every place I looked. Think I will make my John Deere last as long as I can. I will have to admit that the Kubota M7060 and 8560 with the Ultra Grand Cab did draw my attention. What has driven me away from all of the tractors in the above 26 hp class is that they are nearly all equipped with a DPF and EGR system. Some require the use DEF fluid. Not sure I want to get into that mess. I think you are going to really like the Kubota. For one thing, going from gas to diesel is so much better in my opinion and for many reasons. Another is going from 2 wheel to 4 wheel drive is huge step making life a bit easier. Kubota's are VERY reliable and hold up over time. I am delighted with my Kubota RTVX 1100C. Many years ago I owned a Kubota L245. Its as a great little tractor but was 2 wheel drive. The newer Kubota's are not nearly as cold natured and reluctant to start without cold starting aids as the older models. After owning a John Deere 4410 for with the eHydro transmission for 15 years, it has been a great tractor but I think I would not get another eHydro transmission and would also go with a gear manual shift transmission maybe with a power reverser option of some sort. I just got my Kubota RTVX 1100C back from the dealer for it's second service at 300 hours and do add a few accessories and address a few minor issues. I decided to try the Kubota Super UDT2 and it seems to have made a notable improvement in how the hydro-static transmission operates. I also changed the engine oil over to synthetic (Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic). I think both of these changes will also work better in cold Winter temperatures. Great choice and congratulations on the new tractor Al!
  9. New L 3301 & loader.

    Shopped around and had decided to hell with getting a new tractor and front loader with a hrydrlic loader. I looked at New Holland first since I was there to get a part for my 65 Ford 5000 gas. dealer was nice enough and had me run one around their yard. Priceing wa scrazy to me it seemsed. they have a work master and a boomer. Couldn't really see what was different and I wanted ag tires that seemed to pose a problem. Next on the list was a Bronson dealer only had one tractor the size I wanted 30 to 40 HP. it was demonstrator 35HP or there abouts, No offer to start the tractor, had those construction tires on it so he gave me a price only a couple hundred below a brand new NH boomer the way I wanted it. The Massey Ferguson was next on the list. Dealer also sold NH tractors so kept steering me away from the MF tractor to a NH boomer. He claimed they had changed the models so the 33 boomer became a 35 boomer and the 35 ws a 37. His price for the NH was really high and never did give me a price for a MF tractor. Happened to stop at a Kubota dealer Monday after giving up on a cut tractor. Dealer had a 33HP tractor in stock gear drive and ag tires. Another with the R 4 tires and a front loader hydro. A deal was struck for the gear drive and ag tire model and a front loader. It was delivered Yesterday with the rear tires loaded with beet juice (Rim Guard), a quick detach bucket which was not part of the deal a 650 dollar added cost. I like the tractor a lot except two things right now. thewseatr safty switch shuts the tractor off when I turn my body to the right to look behind the tractor. I have lunch boxes that are bigger than what they call a tool box. First order of bussiness was to get the Ford 5000 back to thr house I had ran out of gas and it would not start. NO I am not smiling. Look Ma no bucket trip rod, I can dump a load slow. Al
  10. Almont Mi & thr GOB net work car show.

    Another nice old Dodge PU. Challanger rag top, work in progress. Hudson Hornet. Kare said she thought this one should be best in show. Didn't make it. 64 Ford. Voted Best Orginal in the show. As you can see it is in no way orginal. owners was brother to one of thre snow organizers Buick T type 87 made, bought new in 87 by the owner is all orginal includeing the paint. Was parked in no mans land church parking lot. 1985 Buick Limited collectors edition Orginal except thr fluids, tires and exhust system. Again banished to the church yard. We saw many cars turned away from the show that arrived after the 12:00 sign in time despite lots of church parking lot room. We also seen some come after 1:30 & 2:00 PM that were allowed in, assumed they had preregistered. Also had many that parked in the lot behind our car that belonged to the post office and a bar. Al
  11. Almont Mi & thr GOB net work car show.

    57 Ford Voted best Modified car, I agreed as it was a nice clean mod. The color was chocolate, doesn't show well in the pictures. Chevy PU. Chevy rug rat grocery hauler. 48 Dodge truck. Al
  12. Almont is a village in Lapeer County in the U.S. state of Michigan. The population was 2,674 at the 2010 census. Almont is approximately 40 miles north of Detroit. We passed up two other shows Saturday to attend this one, a bad choice. It is the first one we have entered in our book as to never ever attend again. A real good old boy network show for sure. There was a street off the main street that ran down to the corner near a church. Some cars like ours were directed to park in the church parking lot. If you were listed as a Almont resident you were to park on the street you also got a street spot if you were a friend or relative of a Almont resident. Once that street was filled with those persons then people with shiny cars were parked in the street. Fifty cars/trucks were on that street we registered as # 37 and were parked in a corner of the church parking lot. This rat rod had a cross cut saw blade for a sun visor. A nice street rod, paint was thin and you could see the black primer under neath the yellow. Very nice early Ford street rod. A Dodge drag car. Street Rod. 66 Ford T bird, My choice for best in show. Non Almont car. Al
  13. Davison Mi Last evening car show of the season.

    Mercury. Buick low rider.Like the sign on the back of this one.Pontiac Catalina.Buick rag top.Chevy street rod.Buick special rag top. Al
  14. Davison Mi Last evening car show of the season.

    Oldsmobile street rod. A veteran owned car. Salmon street rod. Chevy II rug rat hauler in progress. Cutlass. Ford PU street rod. Al
  15. Davison Mi Last evening car show of the season.

    A 1930 Marquette, late bought up by Buick. Low rider Mercury. Oldsmobile. Ford Panal truck. Owner Fat and Rapid DJ. Ford. AMC Hornet. Al
  16. So this past Fridays was on the special side being the last of the season and Vetrans apperation night. So in that light I will start off with this veteran. A Buick Regal. 55 Ford Crown Vic. Buick Rivieria rag top. Buick Special. Plymouth very nice. Al
  17. Lapeer Mi cider mill car show, Sunday.

    This woodiy Chevy rug rat hauler was all done with paint and some skilled metal work. Under the hood was clean also. Pontiac Tempest. VW camping bus. Al
  18. Lapeer Mi cider mill car show, Sunday.

    Dad was driving one of these when he met his bride to be. 20 some years later he located theis one and started the restoration of it but passaway before it was finished. Mom drove it for a bit but little things kept going bad so she told the son to sell it. He bought it from her and is slowly finishing the restoration of it. Beautiful Riveria where he is at now. Street rod, the first is a flat head powered one. Hemi power. Chevy power. Best in class LOL only one, Best in show, rightly so. Al
  19. Lapeer is a city in the U.S. state of Michigan and is the county seat of Lapeer County.As of the 2010 census, the city population was 8,841. Lapeer is in southern Michigan, east of Flint, on the Flint River. The name "Lapeer" is a corruption of the French la pierre, which means "the flint". It is a devers area with several small MFG companies in a indrustal park, cartering to the auto companies for thr most part. Many of thre residents cumute to auto plants in Detroit, and Flint and there is farming in the surrounding area. Many that attended the show were not new to the shows in Lapeer Monday evenings or Davison Friday evenings and other shows we have been too. A Buick Grand Sport recently repainted so all badgeing is missing. A Buick Skylark. 57 Chevy 4 door hard top. This Chevy had a lot of fancy murls on the hood. due to the bright sun shine and spectorters I never did get a real good picture. 65 Dodge Cornet 500. Mustang. :D. Al
  20. Sandusky Mi car show.

    This Ford won second place Pick up 1970 to 1990. Owner was 3d owner of Grand dads Pick up. This is not a stock Pontiac Grand Prix, I may have worked on it at one time also. Our Buick and Kare with trophy. She said she was gewtting the hair out of her face. I say she was sluteing the bird. Off to Lapeer Mi Past tence Antique shop & cider mill show in just a couple hours. Al
  21. Sandusky Mi car show.

    GMC pick up Won best in class, It had to be hard to choose a Pick up from 1940 to 1960. think this one came to the owners votes. Yes we got to vote on what we thought was best in class for every class.This Chevy won best in class Pick up 1970 to 1990.I spotted this Pontiac rag top across thre street from th show. It is a Catalina trim model.This Crown Vic won best in class also, Note thre oil bath air cleaner. Most car nuts get rid of them ASAP and go to a paper cartridge. Al
  22. Sandusky Mi car show.

    1986 Buick Regal T type. Plymouth owned by a nice old couple. Chrysler 300 Newer Plymouth. They had came late, fellow had got out the dust mop to dust off any dust and the handle kept breaking on him. Every one around though that was pretty funny. 76 Corvette, Normally I do not take pictures of vetted but this owner was on his hands and knees wipeing his tires I thought. Looked like he was shining up the tread but was wipeing out the wheel wheels said he lived on a gravel road and with the dew in the morning dust was stuck up in there. He was such a freindly guy. Olds 442 rag top Lady owned and won best in her class. Met her bent over the fender polishing ther engine compartment. Al
  23. Sandusky Mi car show.

    Work went into this street rod and fellow won best in class. No door handles note ther digitsl key pad on the door edge. Out side rear view mirrors molded into the door frame Plymouth body and powered by Mopar. oop's missed the front I was so fixated on those mirrors. 76 Corvette, Normally I do not take pictures of vetted but this owner was on his hands and knees wipeing his tires I thought. Looked like he was shining up the tread but was wipeing out the wheel wheels said he lived on a gravel road and with the dew in the morning dust was stuck up in there. He was such a freindly guy. Olds 442 rag top Lady owned and won best in her class. Met her bent over the fender polishing ther engine compartment. This is a well done that isn't finished yet street rod. What struck me was the tail lites. Big enough to be seen and a good idea I felt. :D. Al
  24. Sandusky Mi car show.

    The population was 2,679 at the 2010 census. A farming comuinty, suger beets and soy beans are the top crops, there is also a Beet depot there and will soon be doing a booming bussiness taking in loads of beets from farmers. It is knowen as being part of the thumb region and also the blue water region. Our Buick won the Doris Schults trophy as the best 1985 and older most orginal car. Has never been repainted and have never had any engine modifications done to it. Dois was a lady who drove a 1996 Buick Riveria to this show every year and was 85 when she attended her last show before she passed away. She was well beloved by the people who put the show on 2 times a year. This 55 Ford PU was fell done with a tilt front end and a custom interior and center consol inside. This GMC was off to the side and behind us. the licence plate at first glance appered to just have Sd on it and numbers leading us to think the truck was from South Dakota. But on closer inspection it Said 50 instead on top, and partly hidden by the rear bumper was Michigan below. This 1930 Ford PU took home two awards, Best in class orginal restored and best in show over all. This was a very nice 86 Dodge PU. This 53 Ford PU had a spider theam the side rails were webs and there was webs painted in the tail gate corners. This 1971 Plymouth won best muscle 1970 and newer, 66 Chevy II won best mucle 1960 to 1970. He was a near neighbor of ours and a fine gentleman to talk with. Al
  25. St Johns cider mill show

    Nice.Olds Cutlass.Olds Cutlass again.Willies.Hand built.64 Ford with A&W window tray.37 Chevy. Al
  26. St Johns cider mill show

    El Camino Swinger, Dodge or Plymouth? Buick Reatta. Plymouth. Mecury Cougar rag top. Pontiac. Olds Cutlass. Al
  27. St Johns cider mill show

    Jeepster. Mercury. Chevy PU. Nice car if youy like peach and if you can over look it. Beautiful Panal truck. In person I told Kare looked like the wholer thing had been chromed. Buick Special. Olds 442, is rare for any one to look thru the photo books. Buick Sky lark. Al
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