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  2. Caseville chease burger fest auto show.

    A Old's 442 complete with a drive in movie speaker on the left side and on the right a A&W root beer stand tray. Nice old Ford Pick up, I liked the color and it seemed to suit the truck. A Mercury Bob cat, Can't remember the Ford version though. Little old Ladies shiny red Dodge in Pasadena. A Cobra, got to admit I like the blue and the yellow one better. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Note the lady setting behind it. A very neat custom cab over hauler, what was being hauled and the whole picture. Al
  3. City of Caseville is a city in Huron County in Michigan, based at the mouth of the Pigeon River on Saginaw Bay of Lake Huron. The population was 777 at the 2010 census. The city is surrounded by Caseville Township. A popular destination for summer tourists, it sponsors the 10-day Cheeseburger in Caseville] festival, a tribute to Jimmy Buffett's song "Cheeseburger in Paradise". It has been also called the "Perch Capital of Michigan" for its extraordinary catches of the native fish yellow "perch". A beautiful beach but a bit crowded for my taste. They call this camping. Trailers about 15 feet apart, perment decks at some, and doubled up on 4 streets. Might just as well take our apartment with you. \ Now for the cars. wish I could photo shop out the rude people who see you doing a picture and walk in the shot any way. One of the best Cuda's I have seen. Whew white Old's Cutlass. Woodie El Comino, note the grill and around the head lights. Side molding trim and the bed. Even though I think only tractors should be red I like old Willies Jeeps any color. A unique rat rod, those chunks of steel hold a bit of leather belt to be the hood hinges, the one in the front locks the hood down. Al
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  5. Got a new computer MacBook Pro and sure am having fun learning to use it. Had a royal fit trying to hook it to the internet. Called the ISP and got some person who spoke English as well as my dogs, totally gave me a case of creeping red jazz and would switch ISP companies if we were able. I am an American and speak mid west American english, not some form of India or other country where they people work for next to nothing. I next called the tea support of the company where I bought the computer and was placed on hold for 10 minutes listening to all the automated message to speak with a person. Once the person go on he told me I had to go on hold again for a computer person. told him I would just return the computer to the store Monday morning as it was to complicated for me and I was tired of spending my time and not getting answers for a simple question. Stuffed it back in the box and went out and worked on some simple stuff I know how to do. Lawn mower blade was filed with a normal bastard mill file to a keen edge, then washed my truck and use the detailing mothers wax to spray on it then wipe the water off for a shiny hard water spot free shine. Loaded the z turn on the trailer and went to mow my lawns. When I returned Kare said she hooked the computer to the internet by clicking on WIFI instead of ethernet which our DSL is supposed to be. Al
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  7. St. Johns Michigan Mint Festival

    Well finally got all the St. Johns pictures up loaded. Since my Lap top puked I have to use the desk top and would wake Kare up if did it like normnal when she is sleeping. Chevy pick up. Chevy rug rat hauler grocery getter. Pictures doesn't do this Desota /]https://s25.postimg.org/5yz1dsb3z/Justice. This fast back cuda was for sale, rough and wanting $4000 for it. Wouldn't show the engine with out asking. Nice 1969 Ford torino fast back. Al
  8. St. Johns Michigan Mint Festival

    GMC El Camano Cuda fast back. They drew our number for a door prize, a 5 gallon bucket, with a gallon of car wash soap, a sponge, interior amour all wipes and a pair of polish cloths. Lady still driving this one to shows 5 years after hubbys death. Lowered Mercury. IH pick up. Al
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  10. St. Johns Michigan a population of just short of 8,000 county seat of Clinton County. Located in the mist of some of the finest farm land in Michigan. the normal corn, soybeans and peppermint. Hence the Mint festival. Since it is just north of Lansing many worked in the Auto industry building Old's mobiles for many years, Till the demise of Oldsmobile. St. Johns is located about 50 miles west of Flint Michigan the home of Buick and Chevy production. The cars were allowed into the down town area just after the main parade finished. The street runs north and south so I chose the west side of the street to set up so we would be in the shade as the sun settled in the west. The store we parked in front of was closed so we were able to duck into the entry way when it rained 3 different times during the 4 hour long show. I told Kare we would see a lot more Oldsmobile's and we did, a lot less muscle cars too. Old's 57 T Bird won best in show, I some what agree as it was nice. 63 Studebaker Avanti, A very nice rare car. 1930 best in class, solid agreement on this one. Ford Bronco. Not the 289 that may have came in it. Beautiful IH Carry all. Not truck category or it could have easy got best in class. Chevy Al
  11. Back to the bricks Fenton.

    Chevy II rug rat hauler grocery getter. Nice old Ford. Buick rag top. Old's Cutlass. http://i.imgur.com/euQxYbh Old's http://i.imgur.com/vGsfVQw.jpg[/img Tempest Power. Buick GS power. Best picture of this one I could get. the graphics on it drew a croud. Pontiac tempest rug rat hauler grocery getter. com/gwH8AK5] Al
  12. Back to the bricks Fenton.

    Ford 1/2 ton. Ford F100 Hurst Old's pace car. Ford Fairlane 390 rag top. 2016 Hurst Dodge Challenger seats. outside. Ford Maverick again no parking pass. This one got a pass. Mercury Al
  13. Back to the bricks Fenton.

    GM made them long back in the day. Buick Electra. Nice Sky Lark and Nova. Buick GS. Chevy panel truck. 57 Chevy rug rat hauler and grocery getter. Old's Cutlass, couldn't get a main street parking pass. Dodge duster. Dodge Monaco Plymouth. Al
  14. Back to the bricks Fenton.

    A beautiful sunny day for the Fenton back to the bricks tune up car show. Sure was one of those cluster thingies how ever. First off you had to go to the high school parking lot and get a parking pass for down town. The Farmers market is Also on Thursday from 5:00 PM till 8:00PM. Took us longer to go from US 23 to the down town than it did to drive from Hill road with a stop at Tim Horton's to Fenton Silver Lake road exit. Only so many cars got a parking pass for down town so there were a lot of old cars just driving around the down town area streets. I realize it is called a car show but if people really want to see new Mustangs and Camaros they can go to the Ford and Chevy dealer. As a result we will avoid Fenton in the future. One lot they had for viewer parking was full of trash you had to avoid and a sand trap a fellow was making money pulling people out of. I really liked this one. Back to school could be fun. Olds Cutlass. Pontiac rag top, lots of frontal chrome to polish. Al
  15. Back to the Bricks tune up, Clio

    Beautiful Ford Pick up. I really like the color. Hudson the third I have seen at shows. Pontiac rug rat hauler grocery getter. Nice old pick up. Old's Cutlass Nice! Oldsmobile land yacht. Pontiac. I'm not sure what color I like OR let's use up our left over paint. I need to charge my cameras battery before every show. Al
  16. Second stop in the 5 day back to the bricks tune up series of car shows was Clio Michigan. A city located on the I 75 corridor about half way between the foundry and steering gear plants of Saginaw. The assembly plants for Buick, two Chevy and the truck plants of Flint. Population of 2646 during the 2010 census, Main occupation is retail and Auto/truck repair with 3 car dealer ships. there was a strong turn out of close to 300 cars/ and trucks over 25 years old and several of the newer Camaro and Mustang cars present. Hudson. 55 Ford sedan. Very nice Impala. Old's Cutlass 442. A great old Chevy panel truck Wild chevy with flames. Ford Fairlane 500 Got an extra $15,500 you want to spend? Mercury Cougar. My favorite of the show is this Dodge country wagon 4x4 with wheel chair lift and even a winch. Al
  17. Flint Michigan Back to the Bricks.

    Buick's Sky lark. FWD LaSabre. Grand Sport. The Bands Chevy truck. 57 Ford. 34 Dodge with 350 chevy power and power slide trans. Blue beauty street rod. You don't really want to know. Nice flames. Al
  18. Flint Michigan Back to the Bricks.

    Ford Falcon 2drht. Dodge Pick ups Plymouth Cuda. Nice old ford street rod. Mercury cougar rag top 4 speed. Chrysler. Nice Chevy. Chevy pick up, different. Chevy II. Buick, Paint doesn't show like in person. Al
  19. Flint Michigan Back to the Bricks.

    59 Ford Sky liner. MG Roadster. Name this rare car. Hudson Teraplane. the great pretender. Has a 383 Chrysler engine Torque Flite Trans, power steering and ac. Another Buick Grand National. GNX package. Al
  20. Flint Michigan Back to the Bricks.

    Kare said what is the red tank in the back of this Chevy, Answer a gas tank. Plymouth Prowler, don't see many of these either. Plymouth coupe. Pepsi cola truck. Original T Old's Cutlass. Al
  21. Flints Back To the Bricks car show is August 19th. For the next two weeks there is going to be what is billed as Tune up car shows and party's in different Genesee county towns. We took our Buick to the one in Davison Michigan yesterday afternoon at a pizzeria shop and a grocery store chain parking lot. It wasn't supposed to start till 4:00PM, we drove by there at 2:30PM on the way to pick up the Buick do a little shining on it. Both lots were filling up fast so we decided to take the Buick and do some touch up shining on the chrome. We were approached by the president of the Michigan Buick owners club and asked to bring out Buick, The show is so crazy we had decided to fore go it. But we got the invite to the Durant building and the private lot behind it, Fellow didn't think there were 10 2dr 85 LaSabre's in the state any longer. Here are some pictures I took. VW drag car. Yellow street rod. Lots of street rods and muscle cars come to these shows. I tend to not do pictures of muscle cars. Chevy Vega. My friend Bill sold his 56 Chevy pick up and is shopping for a 72 Vega. Street rods. S 10 and front plate. Al
  22. Goodrich Michigan 8-5-17

    Goodrich Michigan, a small sleepy village of 1860 as of the 2010 census, main employer a redi mix concrete company and the local school one of the best in Genesee county. Many commute 1.5 hours to Detroit to work other wise. Held their Good Times in Goodrich Festival 8-5-17. A car show and a motor cycle show along with the traveling Michigan Viet Nam traveling memorial wall Put on by a VVA chapter, Sorry I just could not force myself to have a reminder. For a sleepy little village they put on a great car show with over 200 cars/trucks entered and a few that came late that didn’t enter. The motor cycle show part was given a large concrete pad to hold that part of the show but they didn’t have that many old bikes in attendance so I do believe every bike entered took home a trophy and maybe some even two. There were not enough volunteers to get the cars parked so by 1:00PM they were running out of room and were asking some cars to repark to make room. Worst thing of the whole day was they had all the food truck/trailers in one area right in front of the grand stands where a few area rock bands made it almost impossible to order from the food people. Here are a few pictures of the cars/trucks. Our Buick between a 1976 Corvette and a 1972 Chevy pick up. We had shade till just after 1:00PM. Nice street rods. Plymouth Road Runner. Rat Rods. Prototype Corvette, GM proving grounds is only about 45 minutes away. Nice Chevy street rod. Beautiful Packard. Chevy PU street rod. Old's 442. Street rod sudan. Al
  23. First all day car show 7-29-17

    Early Plymouth. Early IH street rod pickup. 64 Ford Falcon. 62 Ford Galaxy, My folks had one but was a rug rat hauler and the engine drove dad nuts. Canada car 34 Dodge Desoto. Dodge Coronet 500. Al
  24. First all day car show 7-29-17

    Love that bright green Dodge Coronet. Looks to be a 1969 model? I am partial to Mopars. That Coronet was a BIG car but it had that 440 Six Pack that made gobs of torque.
  25. First all day car show 7-29-17

    Willies a very nice 2 wheeler. Dodge Super Bee. Plymouth Sport Fury. Plymouth Fury. Ford a Beautiful street rod PU. Ford Mustang, I am sure this NY car will get the prize for who came the farthest. Al
  26. Kare and I decided to attend our first all day car show Saturday at Port Huron Michigan. They closed down Military (main street) street detouring traffic around the area (6 blocks and side streets) for the show. We arrived at 8:30 Am and our sign in number was 195 but I had walked two blocks south to find the requestors so we could walk and see the cars/trucks to sign in. I was well ahead of other cars in our block by over 200 numbers. They were hoping to get 300 cars there, At 11:00 I asked the DJ announcer who does the local shows we have been attending how many they had. He points up north one more block and said to that point they had 300 cars/trucks and there were 3 more blocks of parked cars and trucks and 4 side streets full. My guess was between 600 and 900 cars by 1:00. Cost us $15.00 fee that went to a group that helps the ageing, I believe for the county not just for the city. We got a goodie bag of donate things, samples of car wax/polish, Polishing cloths, plastic caps for cans and bottles, samples of sun screen ( I should have found that early as my face is sun burnt pretty good.), note pads and pens, key chains, discount coupon tickets to a oil change chain, discount tickets to fast food restaurants and even a free coffee and donut coupon to Tim Horton's (yum). We were given a drivers ticket and Kare got a show T shirt in one drawing they were selling the shirts for $15.00. All the event people were so nice I can't remember how many said they were glad we came and hoped we were having a good time, did we need any thing cold water and such. We got parked in front of a pizza shop that opened at Noon called Casey's a really short across the side walk trip for our lunch of pizza. If you are ever in Port Huron Michigan and are hungry go to Casey's, they do more than Pizzas too. I got some pictures before the camera who's battery I had neglected to charge died on me. There was a bunch of cars/trucks from Canada also. Al
  27. Some car cruise night pictures.

    Old's Cutlass. Mercury Cyclone. Early Dodge. Dodge rug rat hauler and grocery getter. Original color also. Plymouth rag top. Early Ford V8 pick up truck. Hudson. Al
  28. Some car cruise night pictures.

    Old's Cutlass. Mercury Cyclone. Early Dodge. Dodge rug rat hauler and grocery getter. Original color also. Plymouth rag top. Early Ford V8 pick up truck. Hudson. Al
  29. Got old and tired of so much work.

    The rear bumper close out panels came yesterday so we are getting closer to having every thing ready to paint. AL
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