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  2. Mopar1973man might be able to help you. I found this on his forum, which I think you might find useful: https://mopar1973man.com/topic/9504-another-exhaust-brake-question/?tab=comments#comment-103772 Good luck Fred
  3. I have not started nor driven my truck for about 6 months. She started right up but the exhaust brake in not working. I have suspicions that our dumbassed cat which has been crawling up into the engine compartment may have something to do with it. I think I have some ideas on where to start troubleshooting but it never hurts to get as much information and advice as possible before hand. Does anyone have any comments or suggestions on solving this problem. Thank!
  4. The honey house.

    We have been below normal since the 3d week of November. we arew 10 inches ahead of normal snow fall and we did have a January thaw last week end. Al
  5. One of the forum members on Bee Source who goes by SNL offered the Pro Vap 110 vaporizer with a $50 discount back during the Thanksgiving Black Friday sales everyone was offering. That prompted me to buy one. https://oxavap.com/product/provap-110-sidelinercommercial-vaporizer/ I have not had the weather to try it out yet but I want to treat my bees for varroa mites before their Spring build up. I purchased a Honda EU2000 Inverter generator to power the vaporizer. I also installed an hour meter/tachometer on the generator if anyone is interested in how I did this, post a question and I can go over that. I also installed a magnetic dip stick and oil change extension funnel kit as well. I have been reading up on and following Ian Steppler of Steppler Honey Farm who also uses this vaporizer. He modified his by wrapping oxalic acid vaporizer bowl with heat resistant wrap. I modified mine with exhaust header wrap (looks like the same) but folded the 2 inch wrap in half so I could wrap the top and bottom of the bowl. The middle of the bowl is obstructed by the power wire. In cold weather the re-heat times for this vaporizer can be significantly shortened by insulating the vaporizer cup. I am looking forward to putting this vaporizer to work. Compared to the Varrox vaporizers I have been using in the past, this vaporizer will increase my productivity exponentially. I can treat my entire apiary with the ProVap 110 in a single day vs. 3 to 4 days using 4 Varrox vaporizers. The work good but are just too slow to heat up. https://oxavap.com/product/varrox-heavy-duty-oxalic-acid-vaporizer/
  6. The honey house.

    It's 15 degrees here with light snow. Last Thursday it was 68 degrees. These wild temperature swings are tough on my bees.
  7. The honey house.

    We do like our current place but after much consideration, if we are going to put this much effort and cost into a new home and shop, we don't idiots moving in next to us. There are a couple of places that join up to us that are either abandoned or the owner in possible financial trouble that either will not sell or will only sell at an outrageous price. Just don't need nor want that kind of potential headache in the future. Of the other joining neighbors, 2 of them are fantastic neighbors, 1 has moved to a new home far away and wants to sell but way too high, 1 neighbor has had a history of drug problems, a suicide, and other issues, the other neighbor has abandoned the place but has plans for their irresponsible 21 year old grandson to move in to a house that is so far gone deteriorated that it will have to be totally renovated.
  8. The honey house.

    Why though you liked the old place? I could see it if you were moving to Alaska to get out of the summer heat and humidity and this down right cold winters. Been about 44F adverage all winter up there and hardly any snow. Friend says every one is rideing their bikes in parkas, shorts and aviator helmets. Al
  9. I'm a bee keeper again.

    No I was not able to split the swarm. Hopeing it makes it thru the winter. Winter has been tough with well below normal temps. I am even fearing running out of fire wood to heat my house. Been cutting a lot of dead Elm and Ash I can get too. Al
  10. The honey house.

    Yes. That is the plan.
  11. The honey house.

    So you are building a new home on a vacant property you bought. Al
  12. The honey house.

    It has been a long time coming with some time out for losses of family members, graduations from college, graduations from the Air Force Commissioned Officer School, and a frustrating loss of over 60 hives 3 years back but I am getting my act together and beginning the journey of moving to our large acreage and building a home/shop building. In this case it will be one large building with our living quarter in about 1/3 of the building and the remaining part will be our farm shop/honey processing facility, apiary storage area. First thing I have to do is get the perk/construction permit but at the same time begin work on the upgrading and rebuilding the road accessing the property. That in it's self is going to be a big job as I have over a mile of road which is already in fairly good condition but needs work. I also need to talk to the power company to get an idea of cost to bring the power to the build site. Many years ago, there was power back there but the power company removed the poles and line due to non-usage. There are a number of springs on the property but I need to talk to the well drilling people to go over drilling a new well vs. using the spring water. Yesterday he wife and I spent the afternoon at Lowes buying marking flags, marking/stripping paint, stakes, and flagging tape. If the weather would either clear up and dry out or just hard freeze again, I have arranged to go to the build site with the builder to mark off the building, septic, drain fields, and potential well site. We are planning on building either a steel pole barn building or 100% steel building on a concrete slab but have to go over costs, pros & cons, and the required equipment that may have to be rented. Once I get started in earnest, I will start another thread and post pictures and comments. This is going to be a big job but I am looking forward to it. We have waiting and saved up for a LONG time to do this. At 60 years old, I am not getting any younger and it is time to do it or just let it go. We want to move to this location to get off the road we live on and hopefully have peace and quiet. We are also working into our plans the things, and features that we will be a blessing for us in our coming and older years like having everything we use and need in our living quarters on the ground floor. Insulation and the HVAC system will be in this category although I will probably still have wood furnace heat but have the furnace outside. Al, this honey house thread has been a BIG help as I have periodically reviewed it and taken notes. I can hear it now "cha ching.......cha ching". Building a home is never inexpensive but doing it right means hopefully doing things ONCE and brings the peace of mind and reliability that makes a good home.
  13. I'm a bee keeper again.

    How are is swarm hopefully now a full hive doing Al? Were you able to split this hive and make 1 or 2 more during last season?
  14. I neglected to remind as does Randy Oliver in this article IF you DO use this treatment be mindful to ensure it IS legal to do so and has been approved for use in honey bee hives. Great to see you posting again in the Apiary section Al! How are your bees doing in this bitter cold?
  15. Just remember if you have state inspectors who visit your regestered bee hives what they find in the hive has to be section 18 approved or you will get a nice fine. There just are to many approved mite treatments and use properly is safe. And yes I read the articale and still don't see where it is new? every since rthe mites arrived in the USA beekeepers have tried about every thing under the sun up to and includeing laqure thinner. Problems arrise when the state has not gave the treatment a section 18 approval. Al
  16. Happy New Year 2018!

    Happy New Year to all. Hoping the start of the year is awesome. Jeff
  17. For those who want to read up on the most recent research and field trials using oxalic acid & glycerin to treat for varroa mites, check Randy Oliver's series entitled "Beyond Tactic".
  18. Happy New Year 2018!

    Best wishes to everyone for a happy, safe, and productive New Year 2018.
  19. Christmas Eve 2017

    The Lord has blessed me to be here for yet another Christmas and spend it with my family. There were many times in my life that I was not able to enjoy this blessing being deployed overseas or at work keeping Uncle Sam's helicopters flying. This year has had its tough times with the loss of both parents and all that comes with that. I am still recovering from surgery to repair a serious injury to my right arm. Still the Lord has blessed me more than I can describe. Not many come here as of late. Just a few hearty and determined souls. I thank you for hanging in there. I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, best wishes for the holidays, and a joyful & productive New Year. I hope you are are doing well and let us ALL remember the reason for the season. Christmas is the day our Lord and savior was born. It is a time for great joy and good will for all. Let us remember to carry this joy and good will into and throughout the New Year towards one another. Thanks for your support. God Bless.
  20. How is your apiary doing this Spring?

    It is a bit early for Spring but may as well be with the crazy warm temperatures we have been having. Last Saturday early morning it was 72 degrees at 2 am! These warm temps have been pushing my bees to consume what stores they have so I fed them 900 lbs. of sugar last month in the form of syrup which they have just about totally consumed. Last Friday I finished feeding them another 225 lbs. of Mann Lake bulk Winter Pro Patty mix that I buy in 50 lb. buckets. Hopefully that will hold them until Spring and the buildup. Have all of my hives wrapped up and insulated as best I can with either Bee Cozy's or Reflectix bubble wrap insulation and I put the Mann Lake Wintering Inner cover with a 1 inch thick sheet of urethane foam insulation on top. I put an Immerie Shim with an upper entrance knotch under each of the Wintering inner covers which makes for a nice 3/4 square upper entrance/condensation vent. on the top of the hive. In a week or two they will all get one last oxalic acid vapor mite treatment for the Winter. I will be trying out my new Pro Vap 110 to do this with along with my new Honda EU2000 Inverter generator that I added an hour meter/tachometer and a magnetic oil dipstick to. I have 3 Mity Mite Killers that I will also be testing once the temperatures warm up and stay at least around 60 degrees. So. What's going on in your apiary right now???
  21. the end

    I am not a muzzle loader participant although I almost bought a Savage 10MLBSS Accu Trigger Rifle muzzle loader. Then Savage stopped making them and the prices of these muzzle loader sky rocketed. Wish I would have bought one now.
  22. Evalulating the 2017 fire arm deer season

    For some reason, I didn't see many deer around our area once the hunting season opened. Maybe the deer are catching on. During the Spring I was seeing a LOT of deer. Mostly does with their fawns. We had corn on our farms this season too. Not sure if that had anything to do with it or not. Most of the guys hunting our farms all said they had very successful hunts. 8 point bucks and up were not uncommon. Not sure what we will plant this Spring, IF we plant, it will likely be soy beans but I am not exactly pleased with the person farming our place and I may do something different if they don't get their act together. We will definitely be planting many food plots that will be wildlife and honey bee friendly this Spring. Since we expanded our beekeeping operation, our bees have not made any surplus honey in 2 years. We put a LOT into planting a myriad of of honey bee and wildlife friendly plants, flowere, shrubs, and trees last season. I have about 1,500 lbs. of various seed awaiting Spring temperatures beyond the frosts to plant and will be planting a LOT more trees and shrubs. We plant 20 Vitex bushes last season and they did very well and bloomed that Summer and put on a lot of mass. I am looking forward to this Spring to observe what we planted last season does. Up until this Saturday morning, the temperatures were in the low 70's at 2 am. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Then came about 5 inches of rain and highs in the low 40's. I think the warm temperatures had a negative impact on the deer movement and foraging. With the warmer temps, they don't need to eat near as much and as you observed, layed up a lot.
  23. Evalulating the 2017 fire arm deer season

    Evalulating the 2017 fire arm deer season today as I walk the dogs in the woods.Very few deer seen at the beginning of the season. I credit that to the standing corn on 3 sides on my place. the corn was not taken off till day before and day after thanks giving. deer sightings after that according to my journal picked up. But then temptures dropped and wind chills increased greatly. I believe the deer just laid up till after darkl when most days the wind dropped way down.My journal indicates sightings dropped on windy days.So I am trying to formulate a plan to work around some of ther problems. I am wondering if food plots with some really good green forage will pull the deer out of the corn fields possiably in the day time. Making mineral licks for them also. Think I will fertilize a bunch of Oak trees that normally do good Acorn dropsNot much I can do about the wind, rain or snow.
  24. the end

    Dec 17th ended our 17 day Muzzle loader season. It has tough year/season, temptures a week before the start plummeted to below normal by 15 to 20 degrees and the wind, wind chills were single digit most every day.Opening day I saw a spike running after a doe at 98 yards across a pond. and not another legal buck till last morning. It had warmed up to just 2 degrees below normal yesterday morning.So I go out to the blind where I started the fire arm season. About 7:15 I see a deer by a big oak tree along the creek where there is a ditch from years ago when they dredged the creek and piled the dirt. The ditch catches the acorns in piles and that deer was eating them, a button buck. I thought it was fitting I seen my first deer of the fire arm season in that spot and it was a button buck. What is the chances it was the same one?Along about 7:30 AM I see two more baldies coming and go down the hill in that same area the button buck had just left. There is a 3d deer hanging back but I can’t see what it is because of the trees and brush. Finally I see it and it is out there a ways and nice buck, range finder said 109 yards. I just do not have the confidence with my muzzle loader to shoot that far thru brush and stuff so rather than take the shot I decide to wait he was with two does so surely he will follow them. Those does got by the creek and walked 33 yards from me and went up to the house so Kare could see them and ate some acorns there and finally laid down. Kare also told me there were 6 more does there too and 2 of those were laying down.So finally that buck works it’s way to some bigger trees and all I can see is butt, still 105 yards out, then it walks away from me and I can’t see it any longer. Then it is back in sight but now 128 yards out. Finally I saw him walk to the back and jump the fence to a property I don’t have permission to hunt.So in the next year I am going to be shooting the snot out of my Muzzle loaders, gain the comfidence I lacked this morning to thread a bullet thru brush and trees and make a clean kill.I do have a recipe for tag soup to make. Al
  25. Got a newish truck

    Time for another update on my 2013 Silverado. I've had this truck for 3 years and 9 months. It now has 79,000 miles on it. I get 18 mpg if I drive 55 on the highway, closer to 14 mpg if I drive 70. I put my third set of tires on at 60,000 miles (original tires plus two replacement sets). The truck has run great, no problems except the one recall for defective undercoating that the dealer fixed for free while giving me a free loaner SUV. The V-6 is just a little light on power, but the better gas mileage more than offsets that. I drive it empty probably 85% of the time. I don't tow with it, and don't plow snow with it. This year I have done multiple round trips of over 700 miles of interstate highway driving and no complaints. Oh wait, I do have one complaint. To replace the passenger side headlight, I have to remove the air filter housing to get at it, which is a pain in the butt. It's been a good truck to me. I have been told that the 2014 models had some problems with the 6 speed tranny. Mine is a 4 speed.
  26. They are pretty easy to find around here, just search craigslist for "mini truck" or "Kei truck" and they pop up. I believe they are still being imported. You can at least still see dealers online that say they are importing them. http://www.minitruckdealer.com/ You can sometimes even find them where some DMV office has licensed them for the road, that would be fun too, you would just need to defeat the speed limiter they install on them. The little 4x4 dump bed versions seem like they could be very handy if you have enough land. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Jeff
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