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  2. Got a newish truck

    Time for another update on my 2013 Silverado. I've had this truck for 3 years and 9 months. It now has 79,000 miles on it. I get 18 mpg if I drive 55 on the highway, closer to 14 mpg if I drive 70. I put my third set of tires on at 60,000 miles (original tires plus two replacement sets). The truck has run great, no problems except the one recall for defective undercoating that the dealer fixed for free while giving me a free loaner SUV. The V-6 is just a little light on power, but the better gas mileage more than offsets that. I drive it empty probably 85% of the time. I don't tow with it, and don't plow snow with it. This year I have done multiple round trips of over 700 miles of interstate highway driving and no complaints. Oh wait, I do have one complaint. To replace the passenger side headlight, I have to remove the air filter housing to get at it, which is a pain in the butt. It's been a good truck to me. I have been told that the 2014 models had some problems with the 6 speed tranny. Mine is a 4 speed.
  3. They are pretty easy to find around here, just search craigslist for "mini truck" or "Kei truck" and they pop up. I believe they are still being imported. You can at least still see dealers online that say they are importing them. http://www.minitruckdealer.com/ You can sometimes even find them where some DMV office has licensed them for the road, that would be fun too, you would just need to defeat the speed limiter they install on them. The little 4x4 dump bed versions seem like they could be very handy if you have enough land. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Jeff
  4. They are really difficult to find in my area. I did look at one but the price that was being asked for it turned me away. If you don't need 4WD , a gasoline engine is acceptable, creator comforts like A/C are not essential, these vehicles are much cheaper and can carry a lot more stuff. I just could not find one in decent condition in my area. Are they still being imported?
  5. Has anybody tried out one of the small KEI type trucks from Japan? They seem very reasonable in price for what you get. $4500 for this one, 4x4, heater, enclosed, lift bed, some have locking diffs, ..... https://portland.craigslist.org/clc/snd/d/1991-mitsubishi-mini-truck/6390826915.html My brother and I always thought one of these would be a real hoot. No farm to run it on, but why should that stop us? Jeff
  6. It took me awhile but after a number of mishaps dumping my beekeeping equipment and sugar syrup totes on the ground when they slid off of the pallet I was carrying on the front forks of my tractor, I was TOTALLY fed up and bought a Kubota RTV1100C. I ordered and had the dealer install the RACS system which is really nice for organizing and carrying more stuff. I also got the winch, work lights, side view mirrors, high visibility strobe light, and some skid plates to protect the transmission area. All I can say is that I love it and I am kicking myself for not buying one MUCH sooner. So far I have put about 350 miles and about 125 hours on it and it makes managing my apiary SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better! Great machine.
  7. New Hobby for Me

    Thanks Al. It takes a decent picture, but it has it's warts for sure. I was waiting to find something that looked decent and didn't cost an arm and a leg. I think I got lucky at $3500, even after putting some into it to ensure it won't leave me stranded anywhere. That little 235 is sure a nice quiet, torquey motor. I'm sure the car would feel completely different if it had a better transmission. One of the previous owners even had a power rack and pinion installed, so it's not bad to drive, a bit floaty, but I can deal with that. Next on the list is an electric fan for the radiator, as the newer '56 block mounts the fan about 3-4 inches lower than the earlier motor, so you don't get very good airflow at idle. Jeff
  8. New Family Member

    We used to get pound pups but I put my foot down and said HELL NO, Ain't going to pay a hundred or more for a pound pup then have to spend 500.00 to 600.00 at the vets on them due to being sick. Just buy a good dog from a reliable breeder with good references and have a dog with papers, smart as a whip and in the case of my setter no neddle teeth. so gentle she can pick up a bird and not bruise it. Also if you didn't want the to pups why not just take them to thr shelter, why go shooting them with a BB gun. Just use a 22LR if you don't want to take them in and put them out of their misery for good. Al
  9. New Hobby for Me

    Nice ride. Al
  10. New Hobby for Me

    What, and remove that powerhouse stovebolt? Actually, if I change anything in the drivetrain, it will be that useless cast iron powerglide. Per the user manual, it actually says for normal driving to just use drive all the time. Since that 400lb hunk doesn't shift on it's own, they expect you to just drive around on the torque converter. I guess it was a boon back in the day, but today you better not pull in front of anyone that is within 1/4 mile of you. I think a 2004r tranny would be a nice upgrade.
  11. New Hobby for Me

    Might some of those odds and ends include and LS motor?
  12. Davison Mi Last evening car show of the season.

    Yes lots of good times. car is at the paint shop now for several more months. Al
  13. New Hobby for Me

    Thanks for the comment on the car Randy. Too good of a deal to pass up, so picked it up not running. Had it going a few hours later, but found some maintenance issues that took about 6wks to iron out. Runs pretty good now, just working on odds and ends. Jeff
  14. Davison Mi Last evening car show of the season.

    Al, Looks like you had a fun summer with all the shows. My brother and I found quite few here in the northwest as well. Lots of fun with the family. We'll have to post up some pics from our summer fun at the cruise ins. Jeff
  15. Projects!

    I give a lot of credit to dad for teaching me how to work on things and having the curage to take on any project. So far the ford has new valve guides, valves, springs, new cut valve seats, and some paint work under the hood.
  16. Projects!

  17. Projects!

  18. Projects!

    After growing up around cars all my life and going to car shows with dad and family, I always had the urge to have a car project. I played with a couple landcruisers while dad was here and never got to take him to a car show in a really cool car. Well working my way up, fixing cars and selling for profit, I finally had the chance to play with some classics. It started with a little Nash Metropolitan, then I sold the Landcruiser and got a model A pickup. I even gave a corvair a try. Couple years playing with those and they are both gone and have a 1950 Ford. Now that my brother has his chevy, we make new memories with our families and have fun wrenching together.
  19. New Family Member

    Never did or do understand why people drop animals off randomly. Had that happen many times as a kid, seems like we always had whole litters of cats or something wandering down the driveway. Our experience with the local Humane Society was in my opinion much less than humane. I would consider them right up there with the crowd they say they are working to prevent. Our 11wk pup was spayed the day before she was placed in the "population" pens at the shelter, rolling around in her own urine. She came home with Kennel Cough, semi-infected incision, and a jumbled up knot under her incision. I would have been happy to pre-pay for a spay, instead of denying her the needed hormones for proper growth. We were told to keep her away from other dogs, because of the kennel cough, yet the shelter had her located next to a dog we know had been diagnosed with kennel cough the week before. Not very impressed with their "humane" treatment, albeit one of their Values: " Always consider the best interest of the animal, while having compassion for the owner. " Oh well, we are happy to have her, and know she's in a much better situation now. She's put on almost 5 pounds in the last two weeks. How big will she be??? Jeff
  20. New Family Member

    About a week ago, 2 puppies showed up at our house that someone had apparently dumped like they did Ludwig. This time the wife put her foot down and said NO more puppies. I tried to run them off but they just kept coming back. I dinged them with a old wore out Daisy BB gun that is pretty weak and one ran off but the other just continued to come back. The wife wanted me to continue running them off so I just handed her the BB gun and said that I am not going to do that anymore and felt terrible about it as it was. I most certain did not want to shoot them and kill them. Now we have yet another puppy named Tenacity. She was a mess. She had mange and just smelled terrible but after a trip to the veterinarian, shots, worming, and other treatments seems to be doing much better. She has been in the wild for awhile and has a few bad habits that we are gradually working through with her but she is coming along.
  21. New Family Member

    Back in July I found a puppy that had been apparently hit by a car as it had a HUGE gash in its head. He had almost NO fur, just pink skin, covered with ticks, mites, and bug bites. Boy did he smell bad too. He was in REALLY bad shape. I talked to the wife as she was adamant against another dog but she went along with keeping him. Now he is her baby. LOL! Ludwig is REALLY smart. He also has VERY tender feelings and gets very upset if you tell him no or in any way discipline him which is almost never. Once you tell him something is not ok he remembers.
  22. New Family Member

    Lost our last dog almost a year ago, took some time to find a new pooch. Here she is, all 11 wks of her. Now I remember why I don't like puppy's teeth, ouch! Can't wait till those little buggers fallout. Found as a stray by the local pound, so not sure what all mix is in there, definitely some bulldog though. Quick learner as well, hope she makes a great watch dog and family member. Jeff
  23. New L 3301 & loader.

    Been really busy with stuff needs to be done here so no time to fool with the tractor much. My tires are fully loaded with rim guard too. Once things settle down a bit I am going to widen the tire stance out wider. Searching for some Farmall Cub, Allis B, Massey Pony wheel weights at tractor salvage yards. Also doing the rounds of Pawn shops looking for 100 pound lifting weights, any thing that will fit in the wheel dish of the Bota. Have no use for a sun canopy for the tractor to many low branches, I even need to take a drive and cut branches off just for thre ROPS to clean and I not get slaped in the back of the head. I have one hickory that does it every time I go by it. Al
  24. After running into some problem with our server host, I contacted Mike who figured out why the forum went down for several days. My apologies to all for not catching this for so long. The wife and I were out of town at a beekeepers conference and I am still recovering from surgery and going to physical therapy. Anyhow, hats off to Mike for doing such a fast and nice job of getting the forum back up and running. He also made some VERY nice changes to the forum format as well as added a few nice to have features. Hope you all enjoy the new look and come back more often and bring a few friends while you are at it. (hint hint )
  25. New L 3301 & loader.

    Now THAT'S a toolbox!!! The scabbard for the chainsaw is an excellent idea. Why didn't I think of that??? Speaking of scabbards, don't forget the scabbard for the rifle and pistol for those on the spot coyote shots. My tires are filled with about 55 gallons of Rim Guard. Even with that, still not enough weight, so I leave the pto tiller or a 6 ft. box blade with lots of chains wrapped up on top for ballast. Even then, I need more ballast weight when I pick up the 1,500 lb. totes of Ultra Bee dry feed. I finally broke down and bought a 3 point fork that will hold up to 2,100 lbs. Haven't tried it out yet but when Mann Lake has the Ultra Bee dry feed on sale again, I will order another 1,500 lb. tote. Have you found that you could use the fiberglass ROPS mounted sun canopy? I haven't put one on my tractor either because it really gets in the way when bush hogging under trees, low hanging branches, and sometimes blackberry bushes. All in all, it looks like you are coming along nicely with your Kubota and enjoying it.
  26. New Hobby for Me

    Great to see you back Jeff! Nice lookin' ride too! How have you been doing? Hope to see you more often.
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