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  2. Gardens are growing like crazy. Most of the tomato plants have green fruit on them. Pepper plants all in blossom and same with the squash. Al
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  4. Best wishes to all, well wishes and prayers to those who have lost friends and family members this Memorial Day. Just a Common Soldier
  5. It DOES take a lot of technique to successfully graft a larva in the queen cell cup. I am still practicing. On my second try I got 3 of the 12 cells successfully. At least my percentage was better the second time. A friend has been teaching and mentoring me on how to go about learning this technique. He rears 100's of queen cells at a time and usually gets in the high 90 percentile range of successful grafts. It is sure is cheaper than buying queens and you have more control on the quality this way.
  6. I have tried that several times and the next day the swarm was gone. So far I have caught 3 more swarms this way and all 3 stayed in the swarm trap box. Once they draw the frames out in the swarm trap and establish several frames of brood, I move them to a 10 frame box hive.
  7. Have the tomatoes sets in now and the other two beds turned over and set ready to put in the soil today barring any rain. Have decided I am going to build another raised bed to put Asparagus in. Have read they do well in raised beds like mine and easy to kill any weeds by covering the bed with a tarp early in the spring and if you for get the tarp for a while you still get stalks but they will be the higher priced white stalks. Al
  8. Need a few recipes? whistle pig is good fried like chicken same with rabbit. Your going to have to make that bed about 10 feet tall to keep the deer out of it and then they might just be able to get that high. The electric fence keeps the deer out of my raised beds. the 22mag, 22lr, and the swift keep the whistle pigs out and the coyotes had did a great job reducing the rabbits around here. Al
  9. Would have been just as easy to shake them into a 10 frame deep full of frames and be finished. Al
  10. I gave up trying to use a spoon and dip the larva out of the cell into the cups. I use the cell punch method now and get 99% success rate doing it that way. Al
  11. Last week with a great deal of help and instruction from a friend and fellow beekeeper, I made my first attempt at grafting queen cells. I was told not to be expecting great success on my first attempt as technique and other things enter into this practice.......speaking of which practice is a key element. Out of the 25 queen cells we grafted only 3 were capped and they were pretty small. I used those 3 queen cells to start a three 3 frame queen castle nucs. I will check on those in a week to see if the queen cells hatched and were successful with mating flights. While I removed the 3 queen cells, I grafted another 12 more queen cells hoping to do better this time. More pics to come! Enjoy!
  12. Cheap exterior paint is a delight to find for beekeepers.
  13. Well, I went to the hardware store auction. I wasn't sure how they were going to sell everything, but they sold all the stuff in LARGE lots. And I wasn't thrilled about the 10% buyers premium when paying cash and 13% if using credit on top of 6% sales tax (A $100 item gonna cost $119?). After watching for a while, I soon realized that I had no use for 36 gallons of paint or 300 pounds of nails, so I left after 20 minutes. Paint was going for about $1.50 to $2 a gallon in lots of 10 to 40 gallons in quart and one gallon cans. I suppose it is a great deal for a professional painter. It was cold, my knees hurt and it wasn't gonna be a good day for me physically. I shoulda brought a folding chair. Oh well, didn't cost me anything but a little gas to drive there and less than an hour of time, and I got out of the house for a little bit.
  14. It's 3 miles from my house, so I plan on going if I can my body moving in the morning. I'm getting pretty crippled up in my old age.
  15. Looks like there might be some interesting stuff to buy but it is too far from me. The shipping charges would eat up any savings on a good deal. Might be a good auction to pay attention to if you are near that area though.
  16. Thank you ALL for the kind words. Mom & Dad went through a tremendous struggle to live and a great amount of suffering. Cancer, strokes, heart attacks took a great toll on them. Through it all they kept a smile and a strong will to hang in there. They are at peace now and I have faith they are with each other, MUCH happier than they were for the 8 months they were apart after 64 years of marriage. I can see on the horizon (at least speaking for myself) that day will in due time and MUCH quicker than I expect come upon me. In less than a year I will be 60. It seems like time passes faster as I grow older........not complaining, just an observation. If the next 10 years passes as fast as the last.........I believe we will ALL be on that "door step". It is a time that I pray we All value with our family, friends, and most importantly our spiritual walk with and to God, the Son, and Holy Spirit. A time for laying up lasting treasure in Heaven and understanding that material wealth and treasure in this world in temporary, fleeting, and meaningless in the long run of our spiritual lives. Some day we shall all meet again!
  17. I would end up with more stuff to forget where it is or that I even have it when needed. But thanks for the heads up. And where has bontai Joe been hiding?
  18. Altemose True Value hardware store is selling all their inventory on May 6th, 2017. The store has been there since 1902, so there might be some antique "new old stock" stuff. Here is a link:
  19. Sorry to hear of your loss. My mom passed in Feb, 2013 and my dad just recently went into assisted living. He is in reasonably good physical health for a guy 81, but he is forgetting stuff, like when to eat, and who I am. It's tough for me to watch the older generation pass and realize that I are now taking their place as one of the family elders.
  20. While out checking my apiary Friday, I noticed a great deal of bee activity around one of my pallets of hives. I could also hear the dull buzzy roar of a swarm of bees somewhere close to me. I looked around and found a very nice size swarm of honey bees in a black berry bush thicket. I had been working on putting out our swarm traps but the wife had just painted them and they were still drying from Friday. I rushed back to the house, I grabbed one that seemed to be the most dried, put 5 frames of drawn out comb and an empty frame into the trap, saturated a cotton ball with lemon grass oil and swabbed the entrance to the trap, the tops of the frames and threw the cotton ball inside the swarm trap. It DID smell rather nice I must say. I loaded the swarm trap into the back of the Kubota RTVX and off I went to place the trap as you can see by the pictures I was a bit limited for space so I leaned the trap against the black berry thicket where the swarm had landed in a small sappling. I gently shook some bees off of the swarm in the sappling so they would fall onto the side of the swarm trap where the entrance slot is. I quick prayer and off I went tending to other apiary chores, followed by grass mowing in my apiary (in which I am shamefully behind with). I came back a few hours later and they were pretty much all on or clinging to the trap box but had not all gone in. The final pictures showing the little "bee bridge" going into the entrance slot was the next morning on Saturday. They had all pretty much gone inside the box and a NICE honey bee hum was emitting from the box. As of this morning I went to check on them and add a brick to the trap box lid due to thunderstorms on the way. They were still inside humming away. I will leave them there for a week or two and allow the queen to lay brood and the bees to clean up the comb. Once they are well establish in the swarm trap, I will then cover the entrance slot and move them to where I will put them into a double deep nucleus colony for further development. Possibly split them later down the road. Enjoy the pics!
  21. The wife and I made our first split of the season. I had a nucleus colony that was 5 boxes tall and just packed. We got behind on splits due to my father passing away and attending his funeral plus so much rain. The nuc had a LOT of bees in it but I could not find the queen for the life of me. I DID find 2 capped swarm cells on a frame in the 3rd box and a capped supercedure cell in the lowest box. I am afraid it appears that we were too late and the original queen had already swarmed away as there was very little uncapped brood, some capped brood, and I could NOT find any eggs or fresh larva in the hive. We decided to split the nuc using the 2 swarm cells for one split then moving it away and leaving the box with the supercedure cell in place. I will give them a few weeks and then open them up to look if the swarm and supercedure cells hatched. Hopefully they will. Then it will be about a month before we see some fresh brood again......HOPEFULLY! If not, we will have to steal a frame of recent uncapped brood with eggs and install them for another try at making their own queen. The nectar flow is really good. MANY things are in full bloom, especially blackberries. Hope all of our other beekeepers are doing well!
  22. Like TFF says, you need to rip the music from the CD first. I use Linux, so I am not sure what app you would use with windows, but it should be not hard to find one?
  23. I did something similar when I transfered my files from an old computer to a new one. I just dragged and dropped the entire iTunes folder over to a 64Gb usb thumb drive. I can plug the usb thumb drive into any computer and listen to my iTunes music. Doing this with CD's would require ripping the music files from the CD to the computer and then drag & drop to a sd card or directly to the sd card I would think.
  24. Thanks but the link you posted isn't working for me. Al
  25. Looks doable?
  26. I am wondering if I can take some of my favorite music that is on CD's and add it to a SD card? Al
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